Welcome to the GHAPS's Elementary Art Department website.  
Your child will explore a variety of art concepts each year, including but not limited to: drawing, painting, textiles, ceramics, sculpture, print making, mixed media and jewelry.
Please take a moment to navigate the site, where you will find useful information, as it pertains to our visual arts program.  Use the sidebar on the left to click on links to contact your child's art teacher, as well as, 
art happenings within our department.  

2nd grade lobster
tempera paint

3rd grade Japanese Koi
mixed media

3rd grade night owl
mixed media

Your child has a lot of time and pride invested 
in their work.  Take a moment to celebrate their accomplishments.  Here are a few questions you could ask when they bring art projects home:

What did you use to make your project?
How did you make it?
What is one thing you learned?
How long did it take you to make it?
What is your favorite thing about your work?
Did you give your art work a title?  What is it?
Where should we display it?