Manufacturing Machine Components

We take great pleasure in introducing our selves as reputed Manufacturer of Industrial/Fabricated Machine & Components as per ISO Standards or Clients requirement based on the drawings. We have a composite workshop and most sophisticated tool room which guarantees high standard and maximum possible accuracy of the job. We enclose here with a list of machinery and list of our regular clients who will vouch for Quality and Prompt Services.

Elemech Industries, established in 1990 has its registered office in Mumbai – INDIA. We are primarily engaged in Manufacturin

g, Development, and Re-Engineering and Supply of Spare parts, Tooling, Components and Equipment to various Engineering Industries.

Our presence can be felt in the market segments of Steel Plants, Wire and Cable Industries and General Engineering Industries etc. Our products are well received and accepted for quality and timely execution of contracts.

Development of new products and newer applications has always been the buzzword at ELEMECH. Our strength is in understanding the correct requirements of the customer and evolving the appropriate solutions. We specialize in the custom-based items; with specific emphasize to develop & re-engineer the product and systems to match international standards. We have latest technology at our disposal including CNC machines, usage of new grades of material, well established Quality Systems, ensuring products of better performance at the most optimum costs.

We have successfully supplied more than 2000 different products to more than 60 customers in India. At Elemech we believe in adding value to our customer in terms of Price, Time, Quality-Life of Product, and Service. It’s always a win-win situation working with us.



Nut Bolt

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