Assuring your families safety room by room
How safe is your electrical system?

Our Vancouver based company was established in 2011 to provide independent 3rd party risk assessments. We conduct a comprehensive 85 point electrical system survey concluding with an assessment of the electrical safety risks in your home. Our sole purpose is to help you avert the potential hazards that can come out of undetected defective wiring and components of your system. We survey your plugs, switches, lighting, panels, wiring, and all other components of your system. Upon completion of this survey, we will identify the level of risk into 1 of 4 categories; low, medium, high and extreme risk levels. All deficiencies will be identified in a detailed report which we will discuss with you with recommended actions. Much of the time the deficiencies are of relatively minor nature that can be corrected with minimal costs. You may then take the professional information given to you by us to seek competitive costs from licensed electrical contractors of your choice.

Our Vancouver survey team is made up of licensed electrical journeymen or other electrical professionals with senior level  experience in residential new construction, renovations, troubleshooting  and  repair work of houses of all ages and types.