. : electronique romantique : .

in a day in a life words words and music could bring a rupture as a venue on a street on the air on a daylight of mindsets from future ages from other level from underwords with musical cracks


a unique (and free) experience of romantic electronic experiments, from words to no music, from noises to no poetry maybe

  • Saterday PM, June23th with a selection of 5 artists of the Dutch label Enfant Terrible
  • Sunday PM, June 24th with a DJ PM expression, as an UFO party in the middle of the popular "Fête du Matongé" in Ixelles/Elsene. Ambiance funk elek dash cash yéyé psyché rocky crash rash hash (at least).
  • EVENT PLACE: MATONGE (junction between Chaussée de Wavresesteenweg &  rue Goffart, close to the Horloge du Sud)

Saterday, June 23th LIVE SETS

1 PM : Bruno Coeurvert [B]
2 PM : Kania Tieffer [B]
4 PM : Agent Side Grinder [S]
6 PM : Sonnenbrandt [D]
8:30 PM : Pierre Normal [B]



Sunday, June 24th Bal Eletramusette
1 PM : Colantoni (funk 60s/70s)
4 PM : Muffin
6 PM : Ray Gurge (Crash, Paris)
8 PM : LittleHorn (Spastik)



Where is it ?


Thanx & friendz:

- Ratchoun
- Label/prog Enfant Terrible
- pneu & d.trep
- Art & Fred
- Fête du Matongé