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Microcontroller Support


These Packages are Installed and Ready to use on the Ubuntu Machine:

The first link for the package will take you to the manual page for the version of the software on the machine. These pages are extremely helpful for command-line operations. For libraries (lib) with no executable functions, the Debian package page will be displayed instead. For extensions (ext), the manpage for the base program will be displayed.

The HOME link is the home page for the program. This will contain basic information on what the package contains and does.

The PROJECT pages host the code for the packages and will host useful files such as readme's, instructions, and other documentation. Also, support will usually be found on these pages.

Arduino's are just a breakout board/programmer for AVR microcontrollers, so some of the AVR packages below will work for Arduino development

Atmel AVR:
*Some of these packages are part of the AVR-GCC toolchain. Information can be found here. All packages on this page are installed on the machine.

Microchip PIC: