Welcome to the online web portal for the Project "Electronic Cancer Simulation Studio" (shortly ELECANS). ELECANS is a next generation computational cancer systems biology modeling platform, developed using Microsoft C# .NET 4.0. Work began on this project in December 2008 and the first public release was made available in 2012. New features, functionality upgrades and optimization of routines are regularly uploaded as upgraded versions on a monthly basis. We will update the news section (below), every time a new release is available.

You can find further information on the Graphical User Interface (GUI) and Software Development Kit (SDK) API for this project. Help portal has also been established for this project. The project also has a secondary home at Source Forge.

Please feel free to leave your feedback and suggestions at user reviews.

 Latest News
> 30-Dec-2012:  Version is released!

> 15-Nov-2012: ELECANS featured by Softpedia

 > 14-Nov-2012: Softpedia 100% Clean Award

 > 11-Nov-2012: Version is released!

 > 20-Oct-2012: Version is released!
 Latest Release 
> Version

Certifications & Awards

Model Simulations

Stem Cells in a 2-D Crypt

Homeostasis in Colon Crypts


Tumor Formation in Epithelial Cells


Stromal Invasion by Glycolytic Cells


A monolayer of cells in an Off Lattice setting


Using Tissue Shapes Editor to create organ level models


Investigating Tumorigenesis by Evolutionary Game Theory


Colon Crypt Development