Why EA Sucks

Many people are probably wondering why should we hate EA and stop buying their games. It's very simple and will be outlined in the following points.

1. They buy up game companies and ruin their games to give them a monopoly

EA over it's history has bought more video game studios than any other publisher and throughout it's history has ruined the series the publishers made. An example is Maxis, the creators of the SimCity series, since SimCity 4 the games have steadily become more cumbersome or too simplistic compared to the older games, especially with SimCity Societies, mainly because the games haven't be made by Maxis, but instead by EA themselves. Another example is Westwood which after it was bought out, it was disassembled and games such as Command & Conquer were  destroyed in sequels made by EA. In the recent bid to buy out Take-Two Interactive EA stated they were after Grand Theft Auto and that the sports games they would acquire would not cause a monopoly because they were games like Hot Shots Golf to keep them in check. But Hot Shots is released on one system so how does this prevent monopoly, it may give gamers another choice on PlayStation 3 but EA still has the monopoly over 360 and Wii.

2. They do not support their games and when they do it usually makes things worse

EA's policy is basically to put out a few updates for a given game and then do nothing else. Several older EA games are impossible to find updates for and many newer ones updates are never released for simple problems and even when  updates are released they often cause more problems than before. An example was Battlefield 2142 where at least one update caused the blue screen of death when installed and applied to the game.

3. They make some stupid decisions

Throughout their time as a game publisher EA has made some bad decisions. Some include shutting down the online portions of demos after only a month after game release even though some people might decide to try out the demo after the game release. Another one is in some newer EA games they have actually begun charging people Microsoft Points or money for cheats.  Also forcing people to use EA servers instead of the integrated solutions offered by Sony or Microsoft and forcing them to sign up for EA accounts instead of fully integrating with Xbox Live or the PlayStation Network as every other game publisher does (even Activision, the second largest game publisher fully integrates) just shows how much of a monopoly EA is creating and their need for control over everything. Also they seem to have a nasty habit of closing down sports game servers shortly 2 years of less after a game's release.

4. Support is impossible to get

Have a problem with your EA game, whether it's not working, your CD key isn't usable or any other problem good luck trying to get support, support for PC game problem will probably consist of uninstall the game and reinstall it, or download the latest drivers for your video card, sound card, etc. This is things anyone could do without a call to EA, real support is trying to figure out what is causing the problem.

5. Their DRM system is completely flawed

With the release of Spore, EA's super restrictive DRM system has come into the public's eye, and it's flawed. The first issue is it's based on SecuROM which has been shown to cause problems with DVD/CD/Blu-Ray drives,  Windows itself and expose systems to dangerous security holes. Second is that only 5 activations are included. While 5 activations may seem like a lot, a single hardware upgrade can cause the DRM system to think it's a new computer and the system will use up another activation or a simple reformat and re-install of Windows will cost another activation. Finally third is when the game is ten years old will EA have DRM servers up for the game when you want to reinstall the game, probably not, so then you're stuck with an unplayable game. Plus after all this, Spore is being pirated more than ever, an estimated 500,000 copies are pirated and is estimated that soon Spore will become the most pirated game in history. DRM has done nothing but alienate legitimate users who would buy the game if DRM wasn't included and increased piracy as people want to play without DRM. To top it all off this DRM system is to be employed on all future PC/Mac releases.