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science e-learning semantic Semantic Grid and Autonomic Computing: professional class telescopes within the classroom; complex analysis of chemical compounds; analyse pollution monitoring data Semantic Grid and Autonomic Computing 
AI Singularity org. The Singularity 
AI Singularity (definition) The Singularity 
Elbot - smart AI Winner at a human-computer Turin test: almost human like Elbot 
customer innovation Customer led innovation and design Outside Innovation 
vision innovation future Vision and innovation: the future Vision & Innovation 
Internet networking Internet 2 - advance the state of art in networking Internet 2 
Java FX A designer-developer multimedia development/run-time platform JavaFX 
Mind reading MRI scans Scans showed a pattern of increased blood flow corresponds to memories. Mind Reading News Article 
Similar Image Search Shows similar looking images Similar Images - Google Labs 
web applications creator App Engine Site Creator App Engine Site Creator 
maths data search Super maths calculator with data, formulas, graphs, conversions, etc. Wolfram|Alpha 
AI futurism Inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil 
skills, learning, understanding, innovation, collaboration 21st century skills My Study: 21st Century Skills 
collaboration communication Wave: communicate and collaborate Google Wave 
innovation learning Bringing together news, articles, research, views and opinions on emerging technologies for learning. Emerging Technologies BECTA 
theory learning Learning Theories Funderstanding: About Learning 
learning Information for educators, corporate trainers, and students from all fields and of all ages. Funderstanding 
solution laugh The best problem solvers are those that laugh! Funderstanding 
artistic tools education Designers of educational tools must be artistic in their creation of brain-friendly environments. Instructors need to realize that the best way to learn is not through lecture, but by participation in realistic environments that let learners try new things safely. Funderstanding 
search google wolfram Search Google and Wolfram Alpha - side by side Goofram 
concise presentation Concise presentation techniques instead of long waffle enclosing documents.  
Google Sites Intranet Google Sites: Corp Intranet Template template 
Summarise text Automatic summary of text: summary, keywords, etc. Topicmarks 
Showing 24 items