Coordinated Collaborative Intelligence

The global population has an opportunity to achieve amazing solutions for humanity by using collaborative intelligence.  However, the challenge is: how do we effectively coordinate all of that raw mental power?

Creative Thinking

Creative thinking can deliver amazing solutions.  However, creative thinking - thinking outside the box, etc. - might not sit comfortably within a rigid coordination process.  So we might want a system that is coordinated yet very flexible.

Coordinated Activity

The above, hypothetical diagram, illustrates how many creative thinking paths may evolve over time.  Several solutions may emerge for each goal.

The collaborative process may involve the following steps in a repeating series of cycles:

  1. A goal is set
  2. Individuals each propose their own solutions for the goal
  3. Individuals review the proposed solutions
  4. A group of participants form a consensus on the best solution(s) and the next goal(s)
Each goal may be an interim step towards achieving the ultimate aims of a project.  Solutions may be built upon in subsequent steps.

All members of the project are encouraged to participate in setting goals, proposing ideas, submitting reviews, and achieving consensus.


Information overload: how can one individual view and understand all of the information generated by hundreds or millions of people?  We may need a better way of presenting information?  Forums and splitting up the work into small tasks goes so far but it has limitations.