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 Boss CE300 Chorus

Boss DC-2

Boss DF-2

Boss DM-2

Boss DM-3

Boss EH-2 

Boss NF-1

Boss OC-2

Boss OD-1

Boss   SP-1

 Boss VB-2 


Electro Harmonix


I am looking for old EHX Factory Schems to add here. If you have any I don't have, contact me. 


EHX Attack EQ - Factory                                            EH-3004 

EHX Attack Decay - Factory                                       EH-5200  

EHX BadStone V1 - Factory                                        EH-5800 

EHX BadStone V2 - Factory                                         EH-5801 

EHX BigMuff - Factory                                                EH-1322

EHX Clone Theory with SAD1024A - Factory              EH-1317 

EHX Crying Tone - Factory                                         EH-3006 

EHX Deluxe Big Muff - Factory                                    EH-3053

EHX Dlx Electric Mistress                                             EH-5150

EHX Dlx Elec Mistress                                          Factory Setup 1

EHX Dlx Elec Mistress                                          Factory Setup 2

EHX Dlx Electric Mistress                                      Factory Setup3

EHX Deluxe Memory Man Ch/Vib - Factory               EH-7580

EHX Deluxe Octave Multiplexer - Factory                  EH-5950 

EHX Deluxe Phaser - Factory                                     EH-7100 

EHX Echoflanger Pg1 - Factory                                  EH-7700 

EHX Echoflanger Pg2 - Factory                                   EH-7700 

EHX Electric Mistress 18v                               Factory EH-5100 

EHX Frequency Analyzer - Factory                             EH-5000 

EHX Full Double Tracking Effect - Factory                 EH-7580 

EHX Guitar Synth - Stephen Giles Trace                     EH-8000 

EHX Low Frequency Compressor                               EH-3002

EHX Microsynth Pg1 - Factory                                   EH-7900 

EHX Microsynth Pg2 - Factory                                   EH-7900 

EHX Microsynth Pg3 - Factory                                   EH-7900

EHX Microsynth Pg4 - Factory                                    EH-7900

EHX Percusser - Factory                             Anyone know EH#? 

EHX Polyphase - Factory                                            EH-7100 

EHX Queen Triggered Wah - Factory                           EH-3009 

EHX Slap Back Delay - Factory                                    EH-4700 

EHX Small Clone SAD1024A + MN3007 - Factory      EH-4600

EHX Space Drum - Factory                                         EH-5300 

EHX Talking Pedal - Factory                              EH-1314/3200

EHX Talking Pedal 2 - Factory                           EH-3200/1314

EHX Y-Triggered Filter - Factory                                 EH-4900

EHX Zipper - Factory                                                   EH-4200



3 Knob 1976 Fender Blender



Ibanez - Factory AW7 

Ibanez - Factory BN5

Ibanez - Factory CF7 

Ibanez - Factory  DE7 

Ibanez - Factory DS7

 Ibanez - Factory FP-777  

Ibanez - Factory  FZ7

Ibanez - Factory LF7 

Ibanez - Factory PD7 

Ibanez - Factory PH7 

Ibanez - Factory PM7 

Ibanez - Factory SB7 

Ibanez - Factory SH7 

Ibanez - Factory SM7 

Ibanez - Factory TS7



 Pearl - Factory CH-02 

Pearl - Factory CO-04 

Pearl - Factory FG-01 

Pearl - Factory OC-07 

Pearl - Factory PH-03