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Shifu's Start Learning Series

The following series took place on LIVE STREAM, on a host's channel. Kathryn Kauffman hosts a show called "Monday Night Live" every Monday on Facebook. On it we are able to discuss all sorts of alternative topics. She has graciously allowed us to come on and discuss Electric Universe subjects. I've tried to organize the show in their original foundations-building order. There are occasional demonstrations, and projects are demonstrated. It is a philosophical show, but science is integral to the program. 

What is The Plasma Electric Universe?

Kentucky Archaeology How Does It Relate to The Electric Universe

The Velikovsky Conundrum

The Science Behind The Plasma Electric Universe

Electric Universe Part 5 - Plasma Theory

The Earth in Upheaval

Zep Tepi and Atlantean Theories

Giza Power Plant and Atlantis Theory

King Arthur and the 535 Comet Catastrophe

Dark Matter and Liquid Metallic Hydrogen

The EPEMC Papers

Saturn Myth | Episode 12

Plasmaglyphs and Megafauna Extinction