EPOREG (Electric Power Quality  Research Group)

Recently, electric power quality  (EPQ) has become a concern for  electrical engineering within the academic context as well as normative and regulatory context. 
Also, due to the EPQ influence on 
power distribution systems and electronic equipment, companies being responsible for the provision of electricity services  and users 
are currently highly interested in this emergent issue.

In particular, this interest relies mainly on the demand of productivity, growth of industrialized societies, and culture characterized by a continuous  
optimization process of electronic components used by residential, commercial and industrial users. Such components are tipically non-linear loads, which
are in turn more sensitive to electromagnetic disturbances. Then, if exceeded the compatibility levels, loads or equipment may present wrong operation  
or failure. 

The EPOREG Group addresses problems in electric power quality via both power electronics devices design and signals processing.

The EPOREG group conducts research in the following areas:
  • Power Quality 
  • Reliability and power quality improvement programs.
  • Analysis of electric power networks and studies in PSCAD/EMTDC and Matlab/power systems blockset.
  • Applied maths.
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Electric arc furnace models 
  • Static var compensators
  • Power Electronics 
  • Aternative energy sources