At the University of South Carolina I teach classes related to energy, economic geography, and sustainability.  I try to make my classes as discussion based and interactive as possible. Some of this is reflected in my recent publications with colleagues in the Journal for Geography in Higher Education on teaching energy geographies. I have collaborated with colleagues in Scotland and England on a project improving student's energy literacy. This project has led to some interesting cross-cultural exchanges among students in both countries. Details on the activity can be found here.

Brief course descriptions and recent syllabi for the courses I teach are listed below.

I am happy to talk with prospective MA and Ph.D students interested in studying issues related to energy and society, and in particular those interested in the uneven impacts of the political economy of energy.  I also frequently mentor and work with undergraduate students interested in helping out on some of my research projects. Feel free to get in touch if you are interested!

GEOG 331 Economic Geography
GEOG 321 Sustainable Cities
ENVR 202 Environmental Science and Policy II
ENVR 490 Energy, Society and Sustainability