Department of Geography
University of South Carolina
709 Bull St
Columbia, SC 29208 
cmharris (at)

PHD  University of North Carolina, 2014
MA  East Carolina University, 2010
BA  Colgate University, 2001

Assistant Professor, University of South Carolina, 2014-
Visiting Researcher, DEMAND Centre, Lancaster, England, Summer 2014

About me:

My path to academia has been long and winding. I was a political science major at Colgate University, but my true love during my undergraduate years was playing soccer. I played four years of varsity soccer at Colgate, and after graduation, spent the summer living at home in North Carolina and grading a single question on a standardized test. I saved up all of my money and spent the next nine months living, travelling, and occasionally working in New Zealand, Australia, the Cook Islands, and Fiji with my brother and two friends. My work consisted of telemarketing, dishwashing, and my favorite job, an extra on the top New Zealand soap opera Shortland Street.

After returning from the South Pacific I started working at a company called Sports Endeavors, the parent company of Eurosport and My first job was glamorous: I operated a heat press machine to put names and numbers on the back of soccer jerseys. Over the next six years I worked a variety of jobs there, including working in the call center, in internet marketing, and lastly as a buyer picking out the products we would carry online and in the catalog. There were a number of different categories I was responsible for, ranging from soccer jewelry to officially licensed soccer jerseys from teams like Manchester United and Barcelona. It was a great experience, I learned about product sourcing, labor markets, accounting, and how businesses work in general.

I decided to go back to school, initially hoping to work in urban planning, but quickly caught the geography bug. I thought my work experiences would be left in the past, but I now work as a geographer with an economic focus. However, I am now more interested in how economic activity shapes and is shaped by the world around us, particularly as it relates to energy. I hold an expansive view of what the economy is and what it is comprised of, but my work is most greatly influenced by the work of geographical political economy and urban political ecology, as well as scholars that work at the intersection of race and economy. 

Conor Harrison,
Jul 26, 2017, 11:10 AM