Electric fishes: neural systems, behavior and evolution

The satellite meeting "Electric fishes: neural systems, behavior and evolution" will examine the state of the art in a model system that is arguably the best understood model for the neural control of behavior. Topics will cover recent areas of investigation from behavior, to neural circuits, to molecular mechanisms. 

Location: Biology/Psychology 1250, BRB (Bioscience Research Building) on the campus of the University of Maryland in College Park, MD. Space for posters will be in the same building.

A detailed campus map can be downloaded here: http://www.cvs.umd.edu/visitors/UM%20Campus%20Map.pdf

Timing: The meeting will be held on the Saturday and Sunday before the Neuroethology Congress on August 4th and 5th 2012.  The meeting will start at 9:00am and end at 6:00pm on both days. Coffee service and lunch will be provided.

The schedule can be downloaded here.

Dinner on Saturday, 4 August: We have made arrangements to have a buffet dinner at the Asian Fusion Lounge in College Park (http://www.asianfusionvlounge.com/). If you have booked a room at the Comfort Inn and Suites College Park, your hotel is within easy walking distance of the restaurant. The meal includes vegetarian as well as meat options, appetizers and dessert. The cost per person is $30 (including tax) for the food which will be collected at the registration desk. Pitchers of sodas are included, but other beverages are separate and everyone's personal responsibility. 

Accommodation: Please see the ICN accommodations page http://icn2012.umd.edu/accommodations/ for detailed information. The ICN recommends the Hilton Garden Inn as shuttle service to the meeting site will be provided. The UMUC Inn and Conference Center by Marriott are also recommended because they are within walking distance of the meeting. Registrants, if they also come to ICN, can get into the Dorms before the main meeting and thus be able to have less expensive housing on campus.

Publication: The Journal of Experimental Biology has agreed to publish a special issue of up to 18 peer-reviewed review papers resulting from the meeting.

The deadline for submission of complete manuscripts will be 1 October 2012. Further details will be provided at a later date.