Video Demonstrations of Robotics Principles

A Collection of Great Videos about Robots


BMW E46 assembly line [narrated in German] (48.9 MB)
Care-bot assistant for the elderly (1.7 MB)
CBW Automation (special pupose equipment for injection molding and packaging applications)

lid handling system (5.3 MB)

container stacking and packaging system (9.3 MB)

high-speed robots for molded part extraction (8.7 MB)

CSU "Good Samaritan" urban search and rescue robot, 2006 (13.2 MB)
DARPA Grand Challenge autonomous ground vehicle contest

2005 Highlights (3.8 MB)

Fanuc robotics introduction (2.0 MB)
Honda Asimo

demonstration videos

Raleigh, NC demonstration (8.2 MB)

MIT robotics research

Biped walking robot

Kismet robot videos

Quadruped robot bounding gait (0.4 MB)


Mars exploration rover animations

JPL exploratory robots

Parallel Robotic Systems Corporation

machining Hexapod


Pipe Manipulator (from a late 1980's reserach project at the University of Texas at Austin)

time-lapsed footage of crane and Pipe Manipulator operating on-site (3.1 MB)

computer graphics simulation with the Ergosticks (2.8 MB)

Ergosticks testing on the actual robot (2.5 MB)

Heuristic Application-Specific Path Planner (HASPP) autmated path planning (5.9 MB)

Pool-playing robot from Canada (for more videos, see the researcher website)
RoboCup competitions

small-size soccer free kick example (13.2 MB)

4-legged soccer game example (18.5 MB)

4-legged soccer shot example (9.1 MB)

RobotWorx video demos  

Sarcos videos

"Animates" (7.8 MB)

dextrous hand and arm (4.7 MB)

large dextrous arm (6.4 MB)

entertainment robots

MEMS and medical devices

tele-operated robots

humanoid robots

Sony "Qrio" website (see also: Sony Qrio article)

Japanese dance demo (6.7 MB)

Stanford and CMU robots (Minerva, Nursebot)

Stanford climbing robots (see also)
Stiquito 6-leg shape-memory alloy walking robot (2.2 MB)