3Eco Creating Financial Independence via Energy Independence Education

Why Use Us!

Efficient Electrical Energy Consultants (3ECO) primary mission is to "create financial independence, by educating in energy independence"

Use our services if you want the following:
  1. An unbiased opinion as to the solar resource available at your facility
  2. An unbiased analysis of your current energy usage.
  3. An unbiased recommendations as to develop the overall efficiency of your facility and operations.
  4. An unbiased report as to how your company can save money in the short, medium and long term.
As our company our goal is to turn you into an educated consumer when it comes to your energy products and services. Think of our services as more of a "customized" class just for you and your facility.

Our Experience Shows!

As a company 3ECO opened its doors in 1999 and has performed many different repairs maintenance and installations on renewable energy technology systems, as well as research and development on new processes in the distributed generation market segment.