An independent academic study, the Electoral Integrity Project addresses three questions: 
*When do elections meet international standards of electoral integrity?  
*What happens when elections fail to do so? 
*And what can be done to mitigate these problems? 
Under the direction of Pippa Norris, the research team is based at the University of Sydney and Harvard's Kennedy School of Government.

2016 events

United Nations panel, New York 

Pippa Norris presented research on strengthening electoral integrity at the United Nations in an event organized by international IDEA on 4 Nov 2016. Watch the video recording here.

Philadelphia Workshop  

The EIP/V-Dem workshop on "Expert indicators" met in Philadelphia on 31 August 2016. Download all papers.  More details... See photos

Poznan workshop  

The pre-IPSA workshop on "Contentious Elections" met in July 2016 in Poznan, Poland. Download the program and full-text papers from this event and see all photos.    

What's driving populism?

Pippa Norris presented her paper on "Trump, Brexit and the Rise of Populism" at Columbia University and New York University on Thursday 3rd November 2016.

Electoral analysis  

The Year in Elections, mid-2016 report

The Year in Elections, mid-2016 report was released in mid-September. This draws on the Perceptions of Electoral Integrity survey (PEI-4.5). It covers 213 national elections in 153 countries from mid-2012 to mid-June 2016, based on the views of 2,417 experts.  The dataset can be downloaded via Dataverse. [Click below to enlarge the image].
Perceptions of Electoral Integrity (PEI 4.5)

Strengthening electoral integrity

Draft chapters for the final volume for the trilogy by Pippa Norris, "Strengthening Electoral Integrity: The Pragmatic Case for Assistance", are now available for comment. The book will be available from Cambridge University Press in mid-2017.

The Australian Voter Experience

EIP has collaborated with the Australian Election Commission to implement a new 3-wave panel survey about the Australian Voter Experience. 

The study to gathered the views of a representative sample of Australians before and after the 2nd July 2016 federal elections. The survey monitored Australian voters’ experience at the polls, perceptions of the integrity and convenience of the registration and voting process, patterns of civic engagement, public confidence in electoral administration, and attitudes towards reforms, such as civic education campaigns and convenience voting facilities More details will be released in a report in December 2016.