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Chicago Aug 2013

Pre-APSA Workshop on Electoral Integrity, Chicago, IL. 
Wednesday 28 August 2013

See complete photos from all panels at this event at our Facebook page.

When: 10:00am to 7:00pm on Wednesday 28 August 2013

Where: American Political Science Association (APSA) Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL. Hilton Chicago, Private Dining Room #2, 3rd floor, Hilton Chicago 720 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, 60605

Organizers: Pippa Norris (Harvard University and University of Sydney) and Richard Frank (University of Sydney)

Co-sponsors: The APSA Organized Section on Elections, Public Opinion and Voting Behavior (EPOVB), the IPSA Research Committee 23 Elections, Citizens and Parties (IPSA-ECP), and the Electoral Integrity Project (University of Sydney and Harvard University). 

Aims: This one-day workshop reviewed cutting-edge research on electoral integrity, strengthened networks among younger scholars, and identified challenges and opportunities for research and teaching in this emerging sub-field.

Synopsis: A rapidly-growing body of research by scholars and applied policy analysts is beginning to explore three core questions: when do elections meet international standards of electoral integrity? When do they fail to do so? And what can be done to mitigate these problems?

The evolving sub-field studying these issues, cutting across these conventional disciplinary boundaries, is characterized by its problem-oriented focus, global comparative framework, and use of pluralistic methods and analytical techniques. This includes research on problems of electoral integrity in the United States and other long established democracies, as well as in other regimes worldwide.

Registration: Registration with APSA was required to attend all pre-APSA workshops and short courses. Information about this short course and the current list of registrants can be found here.

The program is available for download here. It includes participants biographies, paper abstracts, and logistical details.

Program and schedule: Wednesday August August 28, 2013

10:00-10:30am     Welcome and introduction: The Electoral Integrity Project

           Pippa Norris and Richard Frank

10:30am-12:00pm     Panel 1: Comparing electoral integrity

  Chair: Richard Frank (University of Sydney)


1-2: Masaaki Higashijima (Michigan State University) Beat me if you can: Electoral fraud and political business cycles in dictatorships


1-3: Karolina Gilas (Tribunal Electoral, Mexico) Electoral speech and campaign regulations in Mexico


1-4: Dalson Filho, Antônio Lavareda, and Enivald Carvalho da Rocha (Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil) Campaign finance in comparative perspective


1-5: Ferran Martínez i Coma (University of Sydney) and Carolien van Ham (University of Twente)  Can experts judge elections? Testing the validity of expert judgments for measuring election integrity

Discussant: Jan Teorell (Lund University) and Ferran Martínez i Coma (University of Sydney)


12:00-1:00pm     Buffet lunch

1:00-2:25pm       Panel 2: The consequences for stability and violence

ChairFerran Martínez i Coma (University of Sydney) 

2-1: Katherine Collin (American University) Peacemaking referendums: Building consensus for state transformations


2-2: Yusaku Horiuchi (Dartmouth College) Danile Suryadarma, and Akhmad Susamto Unintended social consequences of democratization: Evidence from anatural experiment in Indonesia


2-3: Patrick Kuhn (Princeton University) Ethnic voting and electoral violence


2-4: Inken von Borzyskowski (University of Wisconsin-Madison) Sore losers? International condemnation and domestic incentives for post-election violence


2-5: Richard Frank (University of Sydney) The strategy behind electoral violence 

Discussants: Carolien van Ham (University of Twente) and Richard Frank (University of Sydney)

2:30-3:50pm    Panel 3: Administrative designs: Strengthening electoral integrity

Chair: Richard Frank (University of Sydney)

3-1: Jeffrey Conroy-Krutz (Michigan State University) and Devra Moehler (University of Pennsylvania) Faces on the ballot: Ballot design and vote choice and participation in Uganda



3-3: Toby James (University of East Anglia) Centralizing Electoral Management: Lessons from the U.K.

3-4: Christopher Mann (Louisiana State University) and Rachel M. Sondheimer (US Military Academy at West Point) Reducing ballot errors and increasing voting in all-mail elections

3-5: Michael Martinez and James Keesling (University of Florida) Waiting to vote: An application of queueing theory to voter lines and voter turnout


Discussant: André Blais (Université de Montreal)

4:00-5:30pm     Panel 4:  The consequences for political attitudes and behavior 

ChairFerran Martínez i Coma (University of Sydney) 

4-1: Thad Hall (University of Utah), Susan Hyde (Yale University), and Elizabeth Wellman (Yale University) Confidence in a climate of fraud: Ukraine 2004-11

4-2: Lawrence LeDuc (University of Toronto) Fair elections and voter choice

4-4: Alesia Sedziaka and Richard Rose (University of Arizona) Unfair elections and support for electoral protest

4-5: Pippa Norris (Harvard and Sydney Universities) Why mass perceptions of electoral integrity matter for political legitimacy

Discussant: Nikolay Marinov (Mannheim University)

     Drinks reception (for all participants)

7:00-9:00pm     Dinner at a local restaurant (Mercat a la Planxaby invitation for paper-givers, chairs, and discussants 

Logistical details: 

There are no separate workshop fees although participants are requested to register and attend for the whole workshop. The event will provide registered participants with refreshments, a buffet lunch, and early evening drinks reception.

A limited number of graduate travel awards ($100) for younger scholars have been awarded (requiring application by ABD graduate students and post-doctoral participants without other institutional support for travel and attendance).

Details about the APSA Annual Meeting in Chicago from August 29th to September 1st 2013 can be found here, along with information about the conference hotel and travel discounts. The workshop will be held in the Hilton ChicagoNote that participation in the workshop does not count against the participation limit in the APSA general meeting.

Workshop Location: Private Dining Room 2, 3rd floor, Hilton Chicago.