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Madrid July 2012

Pre-IPSA one-day Workshop on Challenges of Electoral Integrity

Launch Workshop 9.00am-7.00pm on Saturday 7 July 2012 
The Universidad Complutense de Madrid at the Moncloa Campus, Madrid

IPSA-ECP organized a one-day workshop on Challenges of Electoral Integrity in Madrid on 7 July 2012, prior to the IPSA World Congress 8-12 July 2012. The Workshop was generously co-sponsored by International IDEA and by the Comparative Study of Electoral Systems. 

The workshop focused on the challenges of ‘electoral integrity’, understood as a complex and multidimensional concept which reflects internationally-agreed standards for the conduct of these contests. A range of well-known international experts, practitioners and scholars presented their research in six panels at the workshop, and the meeting attracted over 60 participants.  

Lack of electoral integrity is a major challenge facing the world. This includes flaws in the conduct of elections, raising issues of transparency, accountability, accuracy and ethical standards. Problems of integrity can influence all stages of the electoral process from franchise restrictions and voter registration procedures, boundary delimitation for electoral districts, party/candidate registration, campaigns, media, financing, voting, and vote counting, to the final declaration and outcome of the results. 

A growing body of research, by scholars and policy analysts, is starting to conceptualize the notion of ethical standards of electoral integrity, to examine techniques commonly used to manipulate electoral processes, and to analyze the consequences for citizens, legitimacy, political stability, democratization and the quality of democracy. 
The Workshop dinner with presenters, in Madrid.

An Acrobat PDF copy of all papers and the program can be downloaded here