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Tom Brunell

Tom Brunell

Professor Tom Brunell is Professor of Political Science at the University of Texas at Dallas. 

He was a resident Senior Research Fellow visiting the project and the US Studies Center at the University of Sydney during the first semester in 2014. He received his Ph.D. in political science from the University of California, Irvine in 1997. His scholarship focuses on elections and representation. He has published on elections, redistricting, political parties, the Voting Rights Act, and the European Court of Justice. He has published one book on redistricting –Redistricting and Representation: Why Competitive Elections are Bad for America, and he is working on a book that focuses on partisan gerrymandering. He has served as an expert witness for redistricting-related litigation and has testified in federal and state courts around the country. 

Title: Resident Senior Research Fellow 

Research topic: Partisan gerrymandering in the US 

Period: 1st semester 2014 

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Email: tbrunell@utdallas.edu