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Marcus Spittler

Marcus Spittler

Marcus Spittler is a Master’s student in Political Science at the Freie Universität Berlin. He holds a Bachelor of Art in Political Science. In the past he studied at the University of Bamberg and the Belarus State University in Minsk. He is a research assistant at the Berlin Social Science Center (WZB) in the department for Democracy and Democratization. He currently focuses on the legitimizing function of elections in both competitive authoritarian regimes and democracies. His broader research interests lie in election studies, democracy, and the welfare state. Here he examines the effect of changes in socio-economic and cultural heterogeneity. His MA dissertation is focused on “The Consequences of the German Welfare State Reform on the Social-Democratic Voter Base”, and during his time with EIP he will be focusing on authoritarianism and electoral integrity: “Exploring the Black-Box: The Legitimizing Function of Elections in Competitive Authoritarian Regimes”.

Title: MA student (FU Berlin) and project intern

Research topic: The legitimizing function of elections in competitive authoritarian regimes

Period: 1st semester 2015