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Larry LeDuc

Larry LeDuc

Larry LeDuc is Professor of Political Science at the University of Toronto, Canada. He was a resident Senior Research Fellow at the University of Sydney for the 1st semester in 2013. During his stay, he wrote a research paper focusing on Real Choices: Does It Matter What’s On The Ballot? Copy available here. His research interests include Canadian and comparative political behavior; political parties and elections; and research methods and design. His books include Comparing Democracies 3: Elections and Voting in the 21st Century (2010); Dynasties and Interludes: Past and Present in Canadian Electoral Politics (2010); Direct Democracy: the International IDEA Handbook (2008); The Politics of Direct Democracy (2003); Absent Mandate,3rd edition (1996); How Voters Change (1990); Political Choice in Canada (1980), and articles in journals such as Electoral Studies, Party Politics, Canadian Journal of Political Science, American Political Science Review, British Journal of Political Science, Comparative Political Studies, and the European Journal of Political Research.

Title: Resident Senior Research Fellow

Research Project: Real Choices: Does It Matter What’s On The Ballot?

Period: 1st semester 2013
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