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Jorgen Elklit

Jørgen Elklit

Jørgen Elklit is Professor of Political Science at the University of Aarhus, Denmark. He is collaborating with the project in designing and implementing the expert survey of Perceptions of Electoral Integrity (with Professor Reynolds). Professor Elklit is a political scientist specializing in electoral systems and administration, electoral behaviour, political party membership, and democratization. He has written extensively on these subjects as well as on electoral administration. Extensive experience since 1990 includes as an international adviser on elections and electoral systems in Asia, Africa, and Europe. Member of the South African Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) responsible for the conduct of the 1994 South African Parliamentary and Provincial Elections. Secretary to the Independent Review Commission (Kenya) April-September 2008. Publications include (with Andrew Reynolds) "A Framework for the Systematic Study of Election Quality", Democratization, 12: 2 (2005), pp. 147-162; Challenges of Conflict, Democracy and Development in Africa, Johannesburg: EISA, 2007 (co-edited with Khabele Matlosa & Bertha Chiroro), Duality by Design: The Iranian Electoral System, Washington DC: IFES, 2011. Lead author: Yasmin Alem, contributors: Jørgen Elklit and Mehrangiz Kar.

Title: Non-Resident Senior Research Fellow

Research project: The PEI survey

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Email: ELKLIT@ps.au.dk