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Jeff Karp

Jeff Karp

Jeffrey Karp is Professor at the University of Exeter. He specialises in public opinion, elections, and comparative political behaviour. Karp received his Ph.D. in 1995 from the University of California, Santa Barbara. He was a postdoctoral fellow with the New Zealand Election Study (NZES) and later held research and academic appointments at universities in the Netherlands, the United States, and the United Kingdom. His research appears in multiple academic journals, including: British Journal of Political Science, Journal of Politics, Electoral Studies, and Comparative Political Studies. Jeffrey has also edited or co-authored three books on New Zealand elections and is a contributor to a number of edited volumes

Title: Senior Research Fellow

Period: 2nd semester 2015

Office Location: Room 278, Merewether Building (H.04), University of Sydney

Email: jeffrey.a.karp@gmail.com