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Hilde Coffe

Hilde Coffe

Dr Hilde Coffe is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Politics, at the Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. She was a resident Senior Research Fellow visiting the project at the University of Sydney for the 1st semester in 2014 (February-May 2014). During her stay, she wrote a paper on ‘Critical electoral democrats in Sub-Saharan Africa.’ Her research interests cover public opinion, political behavior, political representation, and comparative research. Prior to her current position, she was affiliated with Vrije Universiteit, Brussels and Utrecht University, the Netherlands. She has published in many leading journals, including Electoral Studies, Acta Politica, Party Politics and Political Studies.

Title: Resident Senior Research Fellow

Research topic: Critical electoral democrats in Sub-Saharan Africa

Period: 1st semester 2014

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