An independent academic study, the Electoral Integrity Project addresses three questions:
  • When do elections meet international standards of electoral integrity? 
  • What happens when elections fail to do so?
  • And what can be done to mitigate these problems? 
Under the direction of Pippa Norris, the research team is based at the University of Sydney and Harvard's Kennedy School of Government.

San Francisco Workshop, Sept 2014

The next one-day EIP workshop focuses on 'What Works? Strengthening Electoral Integrity.' The event will be held in the Grand Hyatt Union Square, 345 Stockton Street, San Francisco from 8:30am to 7:00pm on Wednesday 2nd Sept 2015. 

The program addresses a wide range of issues to determine ‘what works’ when seeking to strengthen electoral integrity. Participants need to register in advance to attend. 

Checkbook Elections

Money is essential for electoral politics, yet its abuse raises problems of graft, corruption and cronyism. How can politics be cleaned up most effectively?

Checkbook Elections
The Money, Politics and Transparency project has released a new comparative case-study report Checkbook Elections and a set of Campaign Finance Indicators analyzing how countries tackle campaign financing in over 50 countries.

A project of the Electoral Integrity Project, Global Integrity and the Sunlight Foundation

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