Mark Matthew Herd 

Candidate for U.S. Senate 2016 CA

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Mark Matthew Herd 
Candidate for U.S. Senate 2016 CA
Tuesday June 7th, 2016

Mark Matthew Herd
Libertarian Candidate
U.S. Senate 2016 

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Councilman fmr
Community Organizer & Activist 
Western Region Alliance of Councils WWNC - Representative
Westwood NC Land Use Committee -  Member
Westwood NC - Councilman
2010 - 2014

 Libertarian Party Candidate for Congress 33rd (CA) 

Westwood NC - Founder/Organizer


Campaign Management Team
Eder Goldbach
Juan Ponce-Lopez
Western Political Advisors 
Campaign Finance Manager
Mitchell Stein

We can all make America better if we focus on solutions.  If elected, I promise to introduce the following legislative solutions to the Senate floor.  If you want these solutions implemented, you need to vote on June 7th, 2016.  Thank you and God Bless.  MMH

1.  Money out of politics -
     Real Campaign Finance
     reform including a
     Constitutional Amendment
     removing the undue
     influence of money in

2.  Reduce military spending 
     and foreign aid -
     Use savings on domestic
      infrastructure, public  
      transportation, traffic
      solutions, pollution 
      reduction , clean
      energy, education, job
      training, homelessness,
      veteran assistance and
      deficit reduction.
3.  Phase out the for-profit
     prison industry.

4.  Oppose the Trans-Pacific  
     Partnership Deal
5.  Lower Taxes on businesses
    and individuals by
    10% -  15%.  Implement tax
     incentives to bring
     jobs, lost overseas, back to
     the US. 

6.  Make college education more
     affordable and accessible for
     the poor.

7. Stop NSA Domestic Spying - 
    no more recording of cell
    phone and landline
    conversations.  No more
    judicial rubberstamping
    wireless warrants.   

8. Oppose the Keystone XL

9. 80% Clean energy economy
    by 2050

10. Mandatory GMO Labeling -
11. Promote Clean and
      sustainable energy
      solutions using tax
      incentives, not handouts. 
12. More Cancer Research
13.Transparency in Gov't - More
      auditing of gov't dept's,
      mandatory televising of
      gov't meetings in Congress
      & Senate available for online
      viewing.  Paper balloting for
      all elections. 
14. Audit the Federal
15. Decriminalize, legalize and
      tax marijuana like CO & WA
      where tax revenues
      continue to increase at
      exceptional rates and
       help balance budgets. 
      Allow more competition
      in the industry.      
16. Reduce Prison
      Overcrowding - Reduce 
      sentences for non-violent
      and victimless crimes
17. Affordable Healthcare WITH
      "Opt Out" option 
      and "Keep your own Dr."
18. Review JFK, RFK, MLK &
      911 investigations. 
19. More bike lanes where
      communities want
      them  and  traffic congestion
      isn't increased.
20. Social Tolerance - Support 
      Gay Marriage

21. More Historical Preservation

22. Amend Sherman Anti trust
23. Continue promoting water
      conservation.  Adopt
      known best-practices
      in water conservation. 
24.  More Police Oversight 
       Mandatory Police
       Body Cameras on all on-
       duty patrol officers.  
       Cameras must be on
       while officers are on any
25. Eliminate Electoral College
26. Immigration Reform -
      Amnesty for immigrants who
      have been here for 10 years
      without a felony or
      misdemeanor.  Amnesty for
      immigrants from war torn
      countries.  Minimal
      increases in border 
      spending used to speed up
      border crossing by 
      individuals and businesses. 
27. Stop Fracking in city limits. 
      No drilling offshore, in
      residential areas, in our
      national parks and wildlife
      refuge areas.
28. No more bank bailouts and 
      billion dollar corporate
29. Increased Funding for
      Schools and increased pay
      for teachers. 

30. Ban Geo-engineering.

31. Stop price gouging by
       the Medical and
       Pharmaceutical Industries.
32. Reduce Homelessness using
      common sense and
      compassionate solutions,
      not police babysitting and

33. Change monetary policy.

33. End the "War on Drugs". 

34. Stop policing the world.

35. Follow the Constitution.

36. Bring our troops home.

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In the news:

"Frontrunner Kamala Harris has a record that shows she's not in this race to serve the best interests of this country, but to serve those with big donations and special interests of their own.  Kamala has already acquired over 4 million to buy this election, 3 million more than the next highest candidate and it's only October."  MMH

The Libertarian Channel

The Libertarian Channel