Mark Matthew Herd 
Candidate for Congress CA 33rd District
Tuesday June 7th, 2016

Join the Ron Paul Revolution !!!! 

End World Policing and Bring Our Toops Home

Stop NSA Domestic Spying! Get Money Out of Politics!

On June 3rd voters will have a chance to pick new leadership and a new direction.


Mark Matthew Herd
Libertarian Candidate for Congress 33rd District


Westwood Neighborhood Councilman
2010 - 2014
Westwood NC Land Use Committee Member
 Western Region Alliance of Councils WWNC Representative
2010 - 2014

Westwood Homeowners Association Board Member


Park Ashton HOA - President
2004 - 2008 - 2010 - 2012

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Campaign Managers
Eder Goldbach
Juan Ponce-Lopez
Marc Romain
Campaign Finance Manager
Mitchell Stein

My goals in Congress are clear: I wish to address the following issues as expeditiously as possible.
1. Promote Peace - Reduce foreign aid and 
    military spending by 15%. 
2. Stop NSA Domestic Spying - no more
    recording of cell phone and landline
    conversations.  No more judicial
    rubberstamping wireless
3. Lower Taxes on businesses and individuals. 
   Tax incentives to bring jobs back to the US.
4.  Real Campaign Finance Reform - Publicly
     financed elections.  No pac or special interest
     money allowed.
5. GMO Labeling - Nationwide
6. Clean and sustainable green Energy
    Solutions with tax incentives.  No cuts to
    existing programs.
7. More Cancer Research
8. Transparency in Gov't - More auditing of gov't
    dept's, manditory televising of gov't meetings
    in Congress & Senate available for online
    viewing.  Paper balloting for all elections.
9.  Audit the Fed
10. Decriminalize Marijuana, legalize and tax like
      CO & WA where tax revenues continue to
      increase at exceptional rates and help
      balance budgets.
11. Reduce Prison Overcrowding - Reduce 
      sentences for non-violent crimes like petty
      theft and marijuana possesion. 
12. Affordable Healthcare with "Opt Out" option 
      and "Keep your own Dr." option.
13. Re open JFK, 911 and MLK Investigations
14. More Infrastructure and public transportation
      (Rail and bus lines)
15. More bike lanes.
16. Legalize Gay Marriage
17. Amend Sherman Anti trust Act
18. Increase Water Conservation Methods and
19. Eliminate Electoral College
20. Immigration Reform - Limited Amnesty and
      increased border control.
21. Stop Fracking.
22. No more bailouts.
23. Stop the Medical Industry from price
24. Stop policing the world
25. Follow the Constitution.
 26. Bring our troops home.

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