Meet John...

A military engineer who likes a challenge, John Norwood has the leadership and industry experience to cultivate growth in Farmers Branch. "Being new to this city, I was struck by its vibrant way of life, rooted in strong character and tradition. This is a special place, and I want to see the city's infrastructure more fully reflect that."

John wants to promote a transparent city government that builds consensus among diverse groups. In drawing new business, he wants to utilize undeveloped land and complete stalled projects, like Mustang Station. He also wants to attract shopping and dining options that give residents more places to gather. "Friends and neighbors in Farmers Branch like to get together, but they don't have many options within our city limits. Our beautiful parks provide great outdoor meeting spots, but we need more places to have lunch on Sunday, or late night coffee."

John's Focus

• Capitalize on the city's unique location, features and amenities

• Bring strong leadership and fresh ideas

• Build broad consensus on community vision

• Maximize citizen input

• Attract new businesses, families and opportunities

• Address environmental issues

To read about John's ideas, visit the Q & A page, which features excerpts from a questionnaire John completed for The Dallas Morning News Voter Guide.

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