Election Day

Regular City Elections
City Polling Locations
On Election Day, voters will need to vote at their assigned city polling location. Polling locations will be open on Election Day from 7:00AM to 8:00PM.

Click here to view  a list a polling locations for each city.

Click here to find your polling location with our look-up tool.
Note that the city elections for the City of Walford are administered by Benton County.

Voter Turnout Numbers
Starting around 11:00am and then again around 3:00pm, Precinct Officials will report their turnout numbers to our office.

We anticipate all poll locations to have reported within 30 minutes of the call-in time. 

Click here to view turnout numbers.

Election Night Results    
Unofficial Election Results will begin being posted once the polls close on Election Night (8:00 PM). The report will be updated approximately every 15 minutes until all results are in. Refresh your screen as needed to see an updated report.

Click here to view a Election Night Results.

Click here to view the Runoff Calculator [Cedar Rapids].

Post-Election Reports
After all results are in, Summary and Precinct reports will be available at our office for any member of the public or media who wishes to have a copy.

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