Driven to Preserve Our Constitutional Rights and Limit Government Intrusions

Big government is not the solution to our problems, it is the problem.
Michigan was once the jewel of the United States and the World, but we have been on a downward spiral for decades.
We continue to shoot ourselves in the foot, implementing government programs that do more harm than good.
I understand that as a state representative I work for YOU.  I am your employee. 
I believe in limiting government, reducing government hindrance to business and individuals, and eliminating harmful government programs. 

Government should not be:
    treading on our Constitutional Rights,
    tracking citizen's movements,
    intercepting citizen's electronic information,
    creating debt for the next generation with unfunded commitments,
    picking business winners and losers,
    interfering with parental rights

Government can do better to:
    ensure there is a fair playing field in business,
    assist our veteran's to receive their full benefits,
    eliminate corruption at all levels