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The availability of new tools and instructional strategies allows faculty to design courses that go beyond online and hybrid options. Faculty now use multimedia in many facets of their teaching to provide online tutorials, flipped lectures, video segments, student-generated work, and more. New resources such as eTexts are integrated into courses and collaborative classrooms are possible with tablets. 

Based on this convergence, the separate eText, Course Redesign, and myCSUNtablet initiatives have been brought under one umbrella: eLearning. Summer workshops are now offered as eLearning Institutes in which common pedagogical themes are covered in a group format; focused sessions then teach specific tools and techniques. The Institute will explore eLearning pedagogy, strategies, and tools, all in a workshop setting with customized hands-on breakouts to meet individual project needs.

Those receiving eLearning grants will:

  • Receive special pay funding for the equivalent of 1, 2 or 3 units (up to $5,149) based on the scope or your project. Reassigned time may be requested on a case-by-case basis.  
  • Attend a one-week eLearning Institute during the summer (June 13-17; July 18-22; August 1-5, 2016)
  • Create a project prospectus
  • Complete a final project
  • Submit a project ePortfolio* 
  • Participate in a faculty learning community

Awardees will attend a meeting with an instructional designer during the spring semester for project consultation. Awardees will also attend a one-week eLearning Institute during the summer. The week-long training, adapted from the engaging Course Redesign Institute in collaboration with Faculty Development, will demonstrate technology tools for teaching and learning in the digital age, with separate tracks for faculty to specialize in different eLearning topics. Each day of training will alternate between presentations and hands-on working sessions.

During the academic year, faculty will have multiple opportunities to receive support and feedback on their projects at faculty learning community meetings and in other sessions. Each awardee will create a prospectus outlining their project scope and timeline. After completing their project, they will submit an ePortfolio containing the final summary of their project design and impact on student learning. All projects will be completed within the academic year.

Faculty are invited to create technology-supported instructional projects such as:

  • Digital content creation: Create instructional materials, online modules, or a full eText
  • Online or hybrid course redesign: Replace face-to-face sessions with some or all online components
  • Technology-enhanced face-to-face course redesign: Flip classroom, or create technology supported online or in-class activities
  • Tablet redesign: Use tablet to create instructional materials and/or design activities to be more engaging

Application Information

The application period for the 2016-17 eLearning program has now ended. The deadline was January 8, 2016.

*After completing an eLearning project, faculty make an ePortfolio to summarize its impact and lessons learned during development. View completed ePortfolios from past and current eLearning faculty.