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My Story



Glogster - create multimedia posters

I used GlogsterEDU ( This version provides a mechanism to create student accounts within the teacher account and build presentations from multiple Glogs. 

Glogster allows you to embed and add:

  • Graphic galleries
    (image, video, audio, text)
  • Upload/Link/Grab
    (image, video, audio)
  • Web cam
  • Animation
  • Attachments
  • Glog wall and Page wall
  • Drawing

To create my Glog:

1. We recorded the faculty lecture held in pur performing arts center. The lecture contained many performances by faculty that were covered by copyright so they could not be recorded and left in perpetuity online. I edited the video to provide a short bit of each performance and then provided a break in the recording to view a YouTube video of the same song or of a performance mentioned and/or shown during the lecture.

2. After editing the video, I exported it to FLV (Flash video format) using the Adobe Media Encoder and placed it on our Adobe Media Server for streaming.

3. I created a playlist in my YouTube account to collect videos from the different performances mentioned in the lecture. This allows me to easily have the URLs for the different videos I wanted to embed in the Glogster poster.

4. I searched for an image of the Woodstock ticket and got the URL for that image. I also gathered a graphic used on the promotion poster for the talk and had it on my hard drive ready to upload.

5. After logging into Glogster, I started a new project.

6. I uploaded the background image and choose a wall image for the background. I changed the transparency of the Woodstock ticket and the guitar image to fade it into the background. This is done in the Alpha panel in the "Edit" area of the image.
Alpha channel tab in the Glogster image edit menu

7. After the background, I started adding video elements to the poster. The main presentation was the URL of our streaming video of the lecture. The remaining videos were from YouTube embeds done via the add Link area of the Video menu.

Using URL tool to add video to Glogster

8. Once the videos had been added, I moved them around the page and rotated to add some visual interest.

9. Using the text tool, I added numbers to the videos for their play order. Then, I added a title to the Glogster at the top.

10. Save and publish!!