SFU Sustainability Festival         
Left:Karl and Patricia at the SFU Sustainability Festival, September, 2011
Right: Image from the No Pipelines/No Tankers Rally attended by several Suzuki Elders, March, 2012. 
Strategic Planning Goals:   Suzuki Elders, working from an elder perspective, advocate in a non-partisan way for effective national and provincial policies/actions on environmental sustainability.
Recent, ongoing or planned actions of the advocacy working group:
  • Letter to the Alberta Oil Sands Review Panel concerning environmental monitoring programs at the tar sands (March, 2011).
  • Open Letter "Let's Elect a Future for our Grandkids" (May, 2011). See attached letter.
  • Organization of a response to the Enbridge Project Hearings (Summer, 2011)
  • Participation in global action by 350.org (September 24, 2011)
  • Letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper expressing concerns held by elders at our November 24, 2011 forum about our country's involvement in fossil fuel development and climate change.  See attached letter.
  • Independent advocacy initiatives by individual Suzuki Elders.

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