Desires & Attachments are the root causes for misery


Yoga for Better Living


"Yoga is skill in Action" states Bhagavadgeeta. This is to say, in addition to the skill to improve one’s body, Yoga also comprises techniques that act on one’s mind and emotions providing a "Complete philosophy of Living". In simple words, practising Yogasana and Pranayama is to achieve good health, keep fit, mentally and physically to be able to cope with various turbulence of life and take up the challenge to go beyond them with renewed vigour. Many examples of persons who have started Yoga as late as 69 years have achieved all benefits. Hence Senior Citizens are advised to practise Yoga. Padmasri Yogacharya B. K. S. Iyengar in more than 65 years of dedicated service has helped thousands of patients through Yoga therapy as a non-conventional medicine. SWAS has done a lot of scientific research at their unique centre "Prashanti Kutir" at Jigni, 20 kms from Bangalore under the guidance of medical specialists in allopathy and other systems of medicine and has evolved a capsule consisting of prayer; yogasanas, pranayamas, meditations to reach the needs of common man and accordingly have, opened more than 50 Yoga training centres in Bangalore. Yoga has to be practised -whether Asanas, Pranayamas, Meditations, etc. -under the guidance of a qualified Guru.

Yoga for Divine Bliss  Yoga is basically the unision of Mind, Soul & Body. The Sould takes guidance from mind and controls the body.Some consider this unision as attaining Moksha. This can be achieved in one or more than one of the following ways.                                                       

1. Bhakti Yoga is absolute submission to the Divine force GOD. Trust in HIM and be contended with what you get as HIS wish.

2. Karma Yoga is discharge of ones duties devotedly. In Gita Lord Krishna preached " Do your Duty and do not desire for the fruits"

3. Gyana Yoga is attaing wisdom through Meditation and accept the laws of Nature.

4. Raja Yoga as practised by the Great Swami Vivekananda is total control of one’s own mind to realise not only the Self (Soul) but also attain the ability to have control over other’s mind and body for their benefit besides gaining control even over the nature for the betterment of all living beings. The emphasis is on the usage of enormous powers of our mind. Raja Yoga is practised in the following 8 stages :-1. Yama - Non injuring of anyone in Thoughts, words or by deeds 2. Niyama- Self Discipline and performing our work in a systametic way. 3. Asana - The Back errect posture while seated     4. Pranayma - The Control of every muscle of the body through the control of our breath  5. Pratyahara - The most essential feature - giving up desires and attachment for anything or anyone 6. Dharna - The  "Sankalpa"   (Determination) 7. Dhyana - Meditation and  8. Samadhi - The ultimate Bliss

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