Rediscover your passion and enjoy every moment of the life

Mental health is as important as physical health in old age. Due to progressive loss of neurons the brain of a 70 year old person weighs only 56% when compared to its original weight. This results in mental depression, memory loss and anxiety. Brain atrophies with disuse and sensitivity is six times greater in those who have withdrawn from people and life. Loneliness leads to depression which may lead to death. For this right from middle age itself; one should plan for a hobby to keep onself occupied during old age. Hobbies like gardening, indoor games, meditation, bhajans, religious discourses, reading, interacting with others, etc. help the aged persons maintain a sound mental health and enable to age gracefully.                   

Learn to find the things in life that keep you entertained, happy and make your life interesting and enjoyable. It could be your passion for a game of cards with friends, listening to your favourite music, your interest in pets or cooking up lip-smacking dish.

Here are a few hints:

-Its never too late to take interest in a hobby. The only requisite is that you should find it interesting.

.You can develop the habit of reading books on all subjects that you think might interest you. You can play Carrom, Chess etc. Some old women still play Pagadi, PallanKuzi, Snake & Ladders Ludo etc..Search for like-minded people, and participate in group activities. Involve yourself in some handicrafts like Crochet, Knitting, embroidery, fabric painting etc.This will enable you to keep your spirits alive.

-Social service can bring a lot of satisfaction and sense of achievement. See if there is a club near you where you can offer to do some service. Better still, start a club. You might not get a good response initially, but never give up. COMPUTERS:The very attitude of neglecting to learn something because one is old is wrong and this is more important where computers are concerned. Computers can be used by elders for: * Sending and receiving e-mail * Communicating with their children and grand children    * Making new friends and interacting with like-minded people. * Using the Internet for information or entertainment. * Storing all information relating to investments, insurance, etc. * Day to day accounts * Copies of important documents Computers are user friendly and elders can easily learn to use them. Today even a 10 year old knows to use the e-mail and the Internet. One can take help of someone who is familiar with the use of computers or join a computer class offering the basics. It will just take a few hours of practice to familiarise oneself

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