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Ageing is a natural phenomenon. With increase in age the body does degenerate and so does our mind. In our country 60yrs of age means retirement from active life. However advancement in medical science has ensured a longer life. This extension of our life duration must be utilised in the best possible way so as the keep ourselves mentally and physically active. Getting to know beforehand the possibility of being affected by various ailments and problems associated with the ageing process, would enable us to take preventive steps and ensure that the remaining part of our life could be made enjoyable and blissfull. This site shall provide you links to various websites/pages which would prepare you for a happy future.

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It is wrong to call the aged as Old People - they are more experienced and hence must be considered as elder persons. If only they are given the opportunity to remain mentally and physically active, they can prove to be an asset to any society. This is the sole aim of this monthly magazine and the management of Shanthidham Foundation