Statement of Purpose:
to live together in peace, harmony, and ecological balance; 
to respect one another and all forms of life; 
to attune to and act in harmony with the Universal Life Force, 
which is the essence of all existence.

We are retired members of Union Acres eclectic spiritual community, located near Cherokee, North Carolina, and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. We are co-founder/builders of Elder Family, a heart-and-soul-connected family-of-choice located in a private cove within the larger intentional community and within a convenient distance of shopping and medical facilities.

As a nonprofit congregation of AIWP (Association for the Integration of the Whole Person), our main focus is on spiritual values, awakening, healing, and caring for each other as a loving extended family. We are a "family" of loving friends committed to living, playing, and working together as a cooperative team for the good of the whole.
We share Union Acres community membership, which includes access to the community building, swimming pool, organic garden, meadow, and trails. There is an adjoining 46-acre wilderness spiritual retreat center, Eartheart Center Mountain Sanctuary.

We enjoy a quiet forest sanctuary and shared home with private personal spaces, which include a bedroom/office and personal bath. We share a large common kitchen (with individual storage and refrigerator space), living room, sunroom, healing sanctuary room, infrared sauna, and other common areas.

We presently have a large three-story shared home, a guest house, and a meditation/studio building with wrap-around decks. One more group home is a possibility. We have raised-bed organic gardens, own a 30-foot complete yurt kit, and have materials for a greenhouse.

Members of Elder Family are non-smokers, past child-rearing age, and have good retirement income and lots of free time to spend on shared activities. We join in regular spiritual gatherings and healing circles. Like-minded interests include healthy shared meals, exercise, and mutual support for physical, spiritual and emotional health. We have a shared passion for exploring the (right brain) side of life, including meditation, healing prayer, and service to others. Members use cooperative consensus group decision-making. Our age range is late 50s to early 70s.

If you have a desire to feel deeply connected in our loving space, we invite you to come for a visit. A longer stay to get to know each other is needed before becoming a supporting life member who will equally share the land and building costs, leadership, and consensus decision-making. We live lightly on the Earth and save significantly by sharing utilities and transportation and through group buying and organic gardening.

For more information, e-mail or call Anthony Beckett at 828 508-6243.