Statement of Purpose:
to live together in peace, harmony, and ecological balance; 
to respect one another and all forms of life; 
to attune to and act in harmony with the Universal Life Force, 
which is the essence of all existence.

We are retired members of Union Acres eclectic spiritual community, located near Cherokee, North Carolina, and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. We are co-founder/builders of Elder Family, a heart-and-soul-connected family-of-choice located in a private cove within the larger intentional community and within a convenient distance of shopping and medical facilities.

As a nonprofit organization, our main focus is on spiritual values, awakening, healing, and caring for each other as a loving extended family.
We are a "family" of loving friends committed to living, playing, and working together as a cooperative team for the good of the whole.
We are part of Union Acres community, which includes access to the community building, swimming pool, organic garden, meadow and trails.

We enjoy a quiet forest sanctuary and shared home with private personal spaces, which include a bedroom/office and personal bath. We share a large common kitchen (with individual storage and refrigerator space), living room, sunroom, healing sanctuary room, infrared sauna, and other common areas.

We presently have a large three-story shared home, a guest house, and a meditation/studio building with wrap-around decks. We have raised-bed organic gardens.

We are an intentional community of elders who support each other in being active and healthy, in lifelong learning and growth, and in finding meaning and connection through spirituality and service. We have fun together and we share responsibility for household chores, gardens and grounds. Prospective new members should plan to spend a provisional period during which we can determine whether we are a good fit for each other before making a long-term membership commitment.

A good candidate for membership will be able to answer "yes" to the following questions:

•  Do you thrive on being with like-minded brothers and sisters who want a feeling of family?

•  Are you a non-smoker?

•  Are you healthy and want to stay that way for as long as possible?

•  Do you have the time, energy and money to invest in the success
of Elder Family Fellowship?

•  Are you experienced in living with a group of people who were loving and harmonious, and found it easy to get along with each other? 
  • If you feel that you resonate with what you've read so far and would like to get to know us, please contact Anthony at 828-508-6243 or