The University of Texas at Brownsville’s Students Together Involving, Networking and Guiding Success Program, or STING, received the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board’s Star Award on Thursday, Nov. 3 in Austin.
“We are very excited,” said Dr. Hilda Silva, Vice President of the Division of Student Affairs. “We are very proud of what this program has accomplished and what it has done for freshmen. It is good to get our work validated by the Coordinating Board.”

The mission of the STING Program is to assist developmental students by successfully retaining them in college, teach them competencies that will create a foundation of college success and inform them how to take advantage of campus resources of opportunities.

The award recognizes higher education institutions, organizations, groups and individuals for their exceptional contributions toward one or more of the goals of “Closing the Gaps by 2015,” the Texas higher education plan adopted by the board in October 2000.

UTB was among 14 finalists chosen by an internal Coordinating Board staff committee from 80 applications sent from across Texas.

The program currently has two lead peer mentors, eight peer mentors, three lead peer tutors and 27 staff mentors to help the 702 students currently enrolled in the STING Program.
“For over 13 years, STING has been a critical component of our student support initiatives for first-year developmental students,” said Dr. Sylvia Leal, Associate Vice President of Student Affairs.

Leal and Silva traveled to Austin for the awards ceremony along with Celina Garza, Development Research Associate for Vice President of Student Affairs and Magdalena Goga, STING Coordinator.

UTB previously won the Star Award in 2008 for the Student Employment Initiative Program.
For more information on the program, contact the Division of Student Affairs at 956-882-5134 or studentaffairs@utb.edu.
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