Fairmont Park Garden Boxes in Full Bloom
The El Cerrito Community Garden Network (ECCGN)
is a non-profit organization interested in fostering a network of Community Gardens in El Cerrito

There are already a few projects underway, and there are lots of ideas to explore.

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Projects in the Works:

El Cerrito Seed Library
(5/21/2014) The El Cerrito Seed Library is up and running at the El Cerrito Recycling Center.

Fairmont Park, which is south of the El Cerrito Senior Center and runs along the Ohlone Trail, has been targeted as an El Cerrito City Park which could have a Community Garden added to it.

Earth Day 2013 Pop-up Garden Project
On Saturday, April 22, as part of the El Cerrito Earth Day celebration, over 30 people worked on constructing a "pop-up" garden at Fairmont Park in order to start gardening at the park in earnest. This is a quasi-temporary garden space, consisting of 4 raised beds and wine barrels for larger plants, until we can complete the design and installation of the final permanent community garden. Download a PDF of the proposal submitted to the City of El Cerrito: 

We assembled and planted 2 garden boxes at Fairmont Park as part of the El Cerrito Earth Day.
Download a PDF of the Community Garden Brochure: CommunityGardenBrochure.pdf 
The El Cerrito Garden Club is working with the El Cerrito Senior Center to transform several areas into annual and perennial flower and vegetable gardens. Vegetables and flowers are planted in wooden planter boxes in the back patio for several seasons. 

In addition, the EQC Green Team has planted the stone-walled circle in front of the center with California native and drought-tolerant plants, which are thriving. 

The Senior Center also has several planter boxes on the south side of the courtyard that are available for rent by senior who want to grow vegetables or flowers.

El Cerrito High School Community Garden
The El Cerrito High School has received a grant to establish a community garden that will serve the community as well as the students.

Emerging Ideas:

El Cerrito Neighborhood Micro Gardens
Many people are interested in having a vegetable garden but may be intimidated by the thought of doing a garden alone, or may think they don't have time to manage a garden by themselves. The idea of Neighborhood Micro Gardens is that neighbors would get together and share yard space, working on the vegetable gardens as a group, so that the work of tending a garden is shared among the group.