Dues Information

Our bylaws now state, "The annual dues of each member shall be the amount of the Grand Chapter annual per capita fees and special assessments plus twenty-two ($22) dollars."

The Chapter voted in October of 2010 to include the Grand Chapter annual per capita fees to our dues assessment. These fees allow Grand Chapter to function. 
Per capita fees for 2012 have increased to $18.05 for each member.  We currently have just a little over 100 members. 
Regular Dues,Home Endowment, and Assessment:  $22 +$5 + $18.05= $45.05 per year
Regular Dues, Home Endowment Life member, and Assessment:  $22+ $18.05= $40.05
Life Member Dues:  We encourage these members to help with the per capita of $18.05 per year
50 Year Member Dues:  No dues, no per capita assessment by Grand Chapter but donations gladly accepted