E-Waste Drop-Off Day

El Camino Chapter No. 428, Order of the Eastern Star and CEAR
Is Hosting an E-waste Drop-Off Day!
Sunday: October 14, 2012
at the George Primrose Masonic Lodge 3010 Becerra Way Sacramento, CA 95821
09:00- 1:00 pm
Monitors, Televisions ,Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) monitors & televisions, Light Emitting Diode (LED) monitors & televisions , Projection Televisions , Desktop PCs , Laptop PCs, VCRs Stereo Equipment, Speakers, Keyboards ,Mice , All computer peripherals, PDAs, Digital cameras , Video Cassette Players and Recorders , Compact Disc Players, Zip Drives , Telephones , Cell Phones, Printers , Copiers , Laser Scanners, Electronic Cables , Fax Machines, Video Game Consoles, DVD players , Microwaves , Small Kitchen Appliances such as mixers and toasters, Car Stereos, Network Server Equipment, Printed Circuit Boards, Calculators, Power Supply Units, Connectors, Cables, Telecom Equipment, Main Frame Computers, Vacuums ,Techno Trash Including: CD’s/DVD’s, VHS, Beta, Cassettes, DAT Tapes, and Floppy Discs
Items Not Accepted:
Household Appliances such as, Refrigerators, Washer and Dryers, Stoves, Ovens, etc. Furniture, Hazardous Household Waste, including Paint, Pesticides, Used Oil, Cleaning Supplies or Tires, Fluorescent Light Bulbs, Household Batteries, Car batteries, Water Heaters
For questions you may contact:
Debbie Osborne at: ozziegirl@comcast.net or 916-521-6576 Joe Juelch at: joejuelch@yahoo.com or 916- 225-9486
Proceeds will be used to support the sponsor’s fraternal purposes
Merri Brown,
Sep 26, 2012, 10:29 AM