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The foreseen agenda of the 4-th conference

Friday 14th, May 

08:30 Opening of the conference

         Greeting of the Rector Prof. Liman Varoshi.

09:00 Plenary Seance

         Directed by Prof. Petraq Petro
  1. I.P.Stavroulakis, Ioannina U. Greece
    “Oscillation criteria for the first second-order difference equations”
  2. B. Bongiorno, Palermo U. Italy
    “Radon Nikodym Property and WRNP by finitely additive interval functions”
  3. F. Cakoni, Delaware U. USA
    “On existence of an infinite set of transmission eigenvalues”
  4. E. Pasku, Tirana U.
    “Algebraic characterizations for reduction systems
11:00 Coffee break


         Directed bu Prof. As. Elton Pasku
  1. E. Pisha, Th. Xhillari, I. Braja Tirana U.
    "A theorem about very semi-simplex modules”
  2. E. Domi, P. Petro Elbasan U.
    “Planar gamma near rings”
  3. K. Naka, J. Dine, K. Hila Gjirokastra U.
    “On regular algebraic hypersystems”

18:00 Coffee break

Saturday 15th, May


         Directed bu Prof. Edmond Pisha

  1. P. Petro, R. Sema, Tirana U.
    “Weakly gamma rings and F-fields
  2. E. Liftaj, A. Baxhaku, Tirana U.
    “On a problem of a Chaum-type blind”
  3. E. Pisha, Th. Xhillari, I. Braja Tirana U.
    “Completely regular gamma groups”

11:00 Coffee break

      4.  E. Pasku, A. Fundo, A. Pasku, Tirana U.
          ”Tensor products of additive functors".
      5.  K. Naka, K. Hila, Gjirokastra U.
           “On lateral hyper-ideals in ternary semi-hypergroups”
      6. E. Liftaj, K. Dule
          "The problem of isometric immersion of hyperbolic plane in E3."


         Directed by Prof. Ioannis Stavroulakis
  1. C. Pepo, Marie Kurie U. France
    “ Continuous quasi-distances in product spaces”
  2. J. Imre Mishkolc U. Hungary
    “Control point based modeling of closed curves and surfaces”
  3. N. Braha, Prishtina U.
    “Banach space 1/p< infinite admits the Radon-Nikodym property.

18:00 Coffee break

4. S.B.Memetaj & A.Shehu & F.Gumeni Elbasan U.
          “Birkhoff integral of bounded functions
     5.  E. Koçi Tirana U.
  "Oscillation of solution of second order nonlinear neutral delay”
     6. Xh. Krasniqi, Prishtina U.
         “On the degree of approximation of continuous functions that 
          pertains the sequence-to-sequence transformation"
     7. Luljeta Gjoni, Kristaq Kikina, Gjrokastra U.
          "Generalized fixed point theorems in three metric spaces in three 
           metric spaces under  implicit relations"


         Directed by Prof. Chatherine Pepo

  1. E. Kallushi, Tirana U.
    “About linear operators in quasy-normed spaces”
  2. S. Kerenxhi, Elbasan U.
    “Stationary equations and points of equilibrium”
  3. V. Krasniqi A. Shabani. Prishtina U.
    “Convexity properties and inequalities for a generalized gamma function”
  4. F. Merovci. Prishtina U.
    “Power product for k-gamma function”

11:00 Coffee break

      5.  K. Kikina, L.Gjoni, Gjirokastra U.
          “A related fixed point theorem in three fuzzy metric spaces”
      6.  I. Temaj, A. Tato, Prishtina U. Elbasan U.
          “Mcshane type of integral in Riesz space-valued functions”
      7. A. Ibrahimi, L. Nikolla, Tetovo U. Polytechnic U
          “Schrodinger and Dirac operators with singular potentials “


         Directed by Dr. Naim Braha

  1. Z.Selko, S.B.Memetaj, Elbasan U.
    ”Convergence theorems for Pettis integral”
  2. A. Isufati, Gjirokastra U.
    "Common fixed point theorems for fuzzy weakly contractive mappings"
  3. A. Stringa, Tirana U.
    “A generalization of some results on strictly convex 2-normed spaces”

16:30 Coffee break

       4.   E. Hamzallari, Dh. Nicka. Tirana U.
            “On the product of two dynamic systems”
       5.   R. Mano, Gjirokastra U.
             “Copula function and Markov chain on credit risk management”
       6.   E. Xhaja, F. Hoxha
             "A new method using acceleration generators of iterative methods
              for finding multiple roots of nonlinear equations"