ELBA (Escuela de Lingüística de Buenos Aires) is a Linguistics Summer school organized by graduate and undergraduate students from Argentina with the supportof the Instituto de Filología y Literaturas Hispánicas "Dr. Amado Alonso" (Philology and Hispanic Literature Institute "Dr. Amado Alonso") and the Departamento de Letras (Language & Literature Department) of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA).

The School aims to promote discussion on formal Linguistics and related areas. In each edition, there are four courses on topics such as General L
inguistics, formal Semantics, Phonology, Syntax or psycholinguistics, among others. Each year, a Workshop also takes place, the day after the end of the School. 

This year, courses will take place from February 3 to February 7 and the Workshop will take place on February 8. 

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