The goal of this e-portfolio is the evaluation and monitoring of myself, my progress and my life. It is not directed to any assessment or evaluative authorized bodies. 
I believe in life-long learning and teaching. This educational cycle represents input & output of knowledge after processing it inside teacher's brain. 

Inside the  factory: "brain": the raw materials "IN" is different than the products "OUT". If the in and out are the same, the teacher is just a barrier that slow down the learning process. Teacher's duty is changing the learners' behavior.

The achievement is working towards the goal, not to pass one or more life domain. The achievement is dynamic, it is always reconstructed, modified and developed from real progress.

Latest News

  • Communication Skills Simulation Save the date for the next pediatric communication skills simulation workshop22nd Septmenr, 2018To read more click here
    Posted 9 Sep 2018, 06:48 by M. ELBABA
  • ESPN2018 51st European Society for Paediatric NephrologyExplore it:  https://espn2018.org/
    Posted 26 Aug 2018, 13:01 by M. ELBABA
  • Pediatric Concsultation Art & Science Specially designed for senior residents, my coming talk in HMC is at 21 July, 2018This talk is about the effective consultation to sub-specilaities and communication with health professionals ...
    Posted 15 Jul 2018, 21:36 by M. ELBABA
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