Degrees, certification & Accreditation

  • CHSE-A Certification (Advanced Certified healthcare simulation Educator).(2018) From the International Society for simulation in healthcare (SSH)USA
  • Advanced Diploma in Islam Sciences (Tafseer, Quraan sciences and Hadith science). Open Islamic University. (2018)- Egypt
  • Master Degree in medical education (Curriculum & instruction).(2015) University of Cincinnati, OhioUSA
  • CHSE Certification (Certified healthcare simulation Educator).(2015) From the International Society for simulation in healthcare (SSH)- USA
  • AMEE Certificate in Medical EducationEssential Skills in Medical Education-ESME” (2015) - Scotland - UK
  • Certificate in Medical Education.(2014) "Curriculum & Instruction". University of Cincinnati, Ohio.- USA
  • MCCQE1 (Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination Part I) (2013) CMC - Canada
  • MRCPCH (Membership of Royal College of Paediatric and child Health): (2009) -UK
  • MCCEE (Canadian Evaluation Exam). (2007) CMC - Canada
  • MSc; Master Degree in Pediatrics (1993) Ain Shams University, College of Medicine, Cairo-Egypt.
  • M.B.B.Ch (1989) Ain Shams University, College of Medicine, Cairo - Egypt.

  • Explore Filmmaking: From Script to Screen. Certificate from  National Film &Television School .April, 2018
  • Chair of pediatric section in the SSH (Society for Simulation in Healthcare) , January, 2018
  • Certificate of An introduction to screenwriting, from University of East Anglia, UK. May, 2017
  • Member of the CHSE Readiness Review Working Group of the SSH (Society for Simulation in Healthcare). December 2016
  • YouTube Creator Academy: Pre-production Boot Camp. 10/2016 
  • Mentor of one student for the master degree in health profession education; teaching practicum, MGH institute. Academic year 2016-2017 Center for Inter-Professional Studies and Innovation (CIPSI), Boston, USA, Oct. 2016
  • Film Production: Behind the Scenes of Feature Filmmaking. UK. Certificate on July, 2016
  • The 3D Printing, University of Illinois, USA. Certificate on May, 2016
  • Inter-professional Education - A Self-Paced Online Course, Johns Hopkins, USA Feb. 2016
  • Inter-professional Simulation Debriefing Online Course, Johns Hopkins, USA Feb. 2016
  • ISBAR Training Online Course, Johns Hopkins, USA Feb. 2016
  • Essential Skills in Medical Education Simulation. Course from AMEE 2015
  • Structured & supporting Debriefing course from American Heat Association 2015
  • Enhance Your Career and Employability Skills. University of London, UK Certificate on July, 2015 
  • Structured and Supported Debriefing Online course from American Heart Association June, 2015
  • Learning How to Learn certificate. University of California, USA. Feb, 2015
  • An Introduction to Marketing certificate. University of Pennsylvania, USA. July, 2014
  • Introduction to Public SpeakingUniversity of Washington, USA, June, 2014

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