Learn until your last breath

Education is breathing! Learning and teaching in mankind are inhalation and exhalation throughout the entire life. Adult learning is initiated from human's engine: the brain. It is a self-dependent style of learning that is ultimately reflective and constructed from prior experiences, making it different from learning in children. 

There is no ultimate goal to achieve when thinking about learning, as there is no end. 
I believe humans should seek out any educational opportunities as long as they are breathing: this is the core of my faith. Life is nothing apart from learning or teaching. Illuminate the way to others through teaching is faith as well. I learnt from the best human and best teacher in the universe: Muhammad, the latest prophet  صلى الله عليه وسلم

Love what you learn and teach what you know to change the world. Only at that time, life will be different in your eyes. 
Nothing better than teachers

Teacher's passion and enthusiasm is infectious! If the teacher is motivated, students will learn better and become motivated too.

Teachers are not technicians who transmit the information from books to students' notes. They are professionals who create and redesign the information to facilitate student's learning.

Active learning means transformation of knowledge from teacher's brain to student's brain that will be constructed and hence reflected on the student's notes while passive learning is transformation of information from teacher's notes to students' notes without passing to the brain of either. 

Learners are quite different, if learning is not helping, this is the teacher's problem not the learner's poor capability.