About this Site

This resource page is designed to inform students, parents, and teachers about ELAR. The information provided on this site can be used to develop or strengthen student’s ELAR skills. Parents can also utilize this website to learn about different techniques and sources to aid their child at home. Teachers can similarly access this website to guide students in the classroom with different types of resources for ELAR. 

What is ELAR?
ELAR stands for English Language Arts and Reading. Language Arts is the study of reading, writing, and oral communication, including the rules and guidelines of the language.  In essence, Language Arts is the art of learning English or any other language. This study is a continuous process that involves word meanings, root words, everyday usage of language, sentence structure, mechanics, spelling, grammar, comprehension, purposes for writing, and book genres. Language Arts can be therapeutic because it can lead to artistic development and self-expression.  In schools, Language Arts is taught from Pre-K through the rest of a student’s academic life, and it can be used in any content area.

Why is ELAR important?
Language Arts is important because it helps individuals express their thoughts in a way others can understand them, while also helping them comprehend written text.  Language Arts is the building block for success in all content areas.  For example, in Mathematics, word problems require reading and comprehension.  In Science, Language Arts skills can help students decipher meanings of unknown words.
Developing Language Arts skills leads to the ability to communicate in everyday life.  

    "Learn as much by writing 
    as by reading." -Lord Acton