Over the past few years eland apps has helped many camper and caravan enthousiastics to sleep horizontal. With the Camper and caravan leveler apps it makes it very easy to put your mobile holiday vehicle in a perfect horizontal position. Some of the apps also have some useful extra's, like a compass, some aid while bringing your recreational vehicle to its winter sleep (although eland apps believes that autumn, winter and spring camping is MUCH nicer then hot summer camping) and some info about trafic rules.

The last creation is an app that we are particularly proud of: an offline diary app to keep track of the 40.000+ pre loaded camping, camper location and parking addresses, plus all the Points of Interests you can add yourself.

Do you also like to go camping? eland apps has created following useful apps for you:
1. Camper Leveler - Free Edition
3. My Camping Diary including over 40.000 pre-loaded campings and camper parkings across Europe

Next to that, eland apps created some sports apps. Any referee or coach could use the referee whistle apps, of which one also contains a scoring board, a notes page and a yellow and red card. Go and have some fun.
Rather stay in a bar and play some darts? Keep track of the dart scores in a 301, 501 or 701 game, up to 4 players. Less than 171 points left? The app shows the best possible way to win. Keep practising!

Need a referee whistle, scoreblock or any tool as a coach or player?

All apps are free for use!
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